Why I Blog

Hi. I’m Noreen Rose de Asis dela Cruz, more commonly known as Ren. I started this WordPress blog several years ago as a course requirement for a favorite class of mine back in college at the University of the Philippines Manila, where I took up BA Organizational Communication. I decided to retain the blog and since graduating, the content of this site has evolved and become more of a write-what’s-on-your-mind nature. This site has undergone changes several times, but the biggest of which is now, as I write this, which is August 2013.

As the short “about the author” blurb of my blog states, I am a “part-time PR & Comm professional, dancer, speaker, writer, surfer, cook, NBA fanatic. Full-time lover of God and the people and world He has created.” That whole description pretty much sums up what I like to talk about as well, online and offline. It didn’t use to be that way though, the last part in my description. But this year has been very life-altering for me, in the most positive sense of the word. My outlook on life has boldly changed, and so did my relationship with the Lord. Expect more posts about my travels (which I promised myself to do a lot more of), cooking (I have turned pescetarian–no meat except seafood), and my walk in faith (with some hope to inspire, not sound self-righteous).

Please feel free to go through the rest of my blog. My only hope is for you to leave comments if you come across anything relevant, interesting, or disturbing to you, as insights from you, dear reader, help keep my blogging passion burning. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Maxine Garingan says:

    Your story is amazing. Can’t wait to meet you and know more about your walk with the Lord.

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