For Lulay

Untitled designHeavy sighs and tired limbs
Hunger pangs and wounded knees
You were always quick to see
The little things that no one sees

You read my mind day in, day out
You never asked me why
You listened, wept, comforted me
You never really had to try

With faith that roared, with love so pure
A thousand other hearts you touched
That kindness, quiet strength you had
All amounted to so much

The knowing smile, the candid laugh
It was like you always knew
What the world is yet to find about
Life and love, the false and true

I could be enraged, or bitter so
Thinking death came far too fast
But I will choose to praise the LORD
For in dire pain His comfort lasts

Our lives you filled with so much joy
Til now I’ve yet to find the answer
As to why of all creation made
It was to us you were given by the Father

I will miss our talks, your wit and heart
Your hand I so long to hold
But knowing you are with Him now
Lights my heart warm from the cold

So bittersweet, this feeling is
I weep and grieve yet I am sure
That in eternity I will once more see

The woman I so love and adore


6 thoughts on “For Lulay

  1. alohalani says:

    Aww… there’s much hope and comfort when we have Jesus because there is eternity with Him. 🙂 Miss you, Ren!

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