There was a time when I

There was a time when I
fixed myself up to attract
the kind who were attracted
by how girls dress and act

There was a time when I
was known and was defined
by the boy that I was with
and all the things he liked

There was a time when I
Played endless tricks and games 
To be noticed by those guys
To whom those things made sense

All the happiness back then
The attention I would gain
Could be easily dismantled
Or snatched away by pain

It took a wilted soul to find 
There was more to life than this
Than my twisted view of love
And the need for worldly bliss

I learned of one great love
That is worthy of attention
Undeserved, cannot be earned,
yields true joy, peace, salvation 

A King died on the cross for me
a love not just for show
it transforms from the inside out
my new life to Him I owe

Now to live has greater meaning
Much more than meets the eye
I’ve been saved by grace to tell the world
‘There was a time when I’


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