I went on a shooting spree

June has surprisingly been one amazing month. I’ve been blessed with several new additions to my life, which truly gave meaning to the saying that “when it rains,it pours”. I’d like to expound on all that happened the past month, but I feel a single post won’t do justice to it. Thus, I will write about them one by one. So let me start by saying that I went on a shooting spree.

As much as I wish I knew how to shoot a gun much less hold it, I do not. So unfortunately, my shooting spree did not involve firearms. It did, however, have something to do with the fact that my wonderful family got me a DSLR. A Canon 550D, to be exact. No, I did not want a DSLR just for the sake of looking cool while wielding one. I am genuinely interested in photography, and I have been since high school, where I was actually a photo journalist for our paper at some point in time. As luck would have it, the week I got my camera was the last week that Canon held their annual Canon Photoskwela, a weekend photography class for Canon camera owners.

So last weekend, I invited my college kabarkada and fellow photography buff, Rish, and we went to the College of Mass Communication auditorium in UP Diliman to attend the intensive two-day workshop. Canon invited professional photographers and videographers to impart their knowledge, tips, and techniques to us Canon users, so we could make the most out of our Canon cameras. The speakers were Troy Monsod, Joe Avila, and Mark Floro, who taught basic and advanced photography, and videography. It was so exciting to hear stories about their road to being great photographers, and learning about their various takes on style and composition in photo and video. Representatives from Scrapaholic, the makers of those cute scrapbook accessories you see at National Bookstore, also taught scrapbooking during Day 1.

As if the workshop wasn’t enough, Canon had a photowall to print and post favorite photos, and a cleaning booth where attendees could have their cameras cleaned for free. They also gave away prizes: F&H swimwear, waterproof camera cases, and a limited edition Canon lens tumbler. Rish and I were lucky enough to each win a waterproof camera case, which I can use for my point-and-shoot.

Models appeared during breaks so we could practice our shots  🙂

A portion of the photowall

If I typed in all the activities I did and all the things I learned from the classes, it would probably take me triple the length of my longest blog post, seriously. I actually wrote down notes and copied off Rish’s (I was stupid enough to not bring a pen and notebook on the first day 😀 ), and my short attention span suddenly didn’t seem so short–I lasted sitting down and actually listening to whoever was speaking in front, from 2pm ’til 730pm. Needless to say, I learned a lot in those two awesome days, and Photoskwela got me more inspired to take my shutterbug tendencies to a whole new level. I can now proudly say I actually know what all those figures that appear on my camera stand for, and can now put my setting on manual mode and not freak out.

I actually took down 5 pages worth of notes!

So thanks Canon, I know my shooting spree with you won’t be the last. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I went on a shooting spree

  1. irishprecious says:

    Home room lessons are just that. Let’s do some real hands-on test! Tara na at mag-photo shoot! 😀

    I’ll post my blog na din tomorrow. 🙂

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